26 фев 2015

Andrius Venclova. Cовременный Петербург. Фото


Sobchak Square
Moscovsky Prospect
Residential complex
The Merge of Religions
Лекция про архитектуру
Moskovsky prospectLigovsky prospect
The Passage

Le Grand аpartment house
Shiny pavement
Leningrad Trade House
Leningrad Trade House
Mikhailovsky Palace
Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt

Printed Barocco
Sport & Concert Complex
Quiet street
Leningrad Trade House

Art Nouveau
Kirovsky District Council
Culture ShipWorkers Residential quarter
Another day is over
Technical Study House
Subway Entrance
District City Hall

Electrotechnical University
Soviet Garage Building

Backlighted ChurchPigeons & Seagull


Flag Tower
Vege House


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