Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2018

«Park Lane». Landscape Design for New Embankment on St Petersburg Alluvial Area

The project was made for the architectural competition «Park line» for the best concept of landscaping of pedestrian zones and public spaces of the coastal territory – of the future embankment.

The perception of St. Petersburg as a solid facade reflected in the water, in which the Peter and Paul fortress is inscribed, which remains in the same plane, is characteristic of the very first picturesque images of the city. The composition of the plan is a conventional line of the city reflected in the water.

The planned Park line is located on alluvial territories reclaimed from the water. Hence the idea to add a natural component to the composition of the Park. Each Park (and there are four of them in the project) reflects the natural landscapes of the suburbs of St. Petersburg both in the composition of the plan, and in small architectural forms and planting material.

The first Northern Park is represented as the sandy shore of the Gulf of Finland. It has its own color code-sandy-dusty-blue, curved lines of the path plan and landscaping. Birch, Linden and ornamental grasses are used in landscaping.

The second Park is represented as water territories with elements of landscape design of rounded forms, birch, willow, and moss are used in the plantings. The color code is wet green.

The third Park reflects the dunes, in smooth lines of improvement and small architectural forms. The color code is warm sand.

The fourth Park is a rocky landscape, the color code is dark gray, green, firs, firs and mosses are used in the plantings.

In all parks along the common walking route there are sports and children's playgrounds, equipment rental points, pavilions and cafes.

In the Central part is the main event square with a "reverse amphitheater", at the base of which there are cafes and entertainment infrastructure.

The concept of the Architectural Bureau "A. Len" took the second place in the overall ranking and, in fact, was recognized as the best among the competitive projects for creating a natural landscape Park on the coastal alluvial territory.

The project is submitted for the Russian national award for landscape architecture in 2018.

Southern territory of Nevskaya guba, Finsky Bay, west of Vasilievsky Island, St.Petersburg
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • Stage
    Contest Design
  • Area of the territory
    11,1 ha
  • Length of the embankment
    2,1 km
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • R. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • E. Belyat, M. Shalina, A. Khramova - architects
  • Drawing