Ekaterinburg, Russia

«Prospect Mira.Compound» Multifunctional Complex

The complex is located on the territory with actively developing buildings in Yekaterinburg, in the Vtuzgorodok area, not far from the Ural Federal University named after V.I. the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin, a complex of institutes of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other educational institutions of the Ural capital.

"Prospect Mira Compound" consists of three buildings with variable number of storeys, united by a stylobate and a two-level parking lot. The maximum number of storeys in the complex is 26 floors, the minimum is 5 floors. Residential buildings form a closed courtyard with sports and playgrounds located on the stylobate part of the complex. The yard is closed for vehicles, except for special vehicles. The entrances to the stylobate part and to the underground parking are located from the projected driveway in the north of the plot and from the projected street in the eastern part of the plot.

Buildings of different heights with multi-storey urban planning accents of 10, 16 and 26 floors and a clear system of facade grid of windows make the complex austere and dynamic. The architectural and artistic design of the facades of Prospekt Mira is made in the style of modern architecture. The facade plastics were based on two modular window grids: a dense grid of 1650 mm and a thin grid of 3300 mm. To further accentuate the elements of the composition, contrasting color blocks of a golden hue were used.

The expressiveness of the silhouette of the complex is achieved by accentuating the high-rise building towers with decorative parapets on the roof. The silhouette of the famous Ural megaliths, which became prototypes for the architectural concept of the complex.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Year of Construction
  • The Area of ​​the Land
    3,6 hectare
  • Total Area of the Building
    167 103 sq m
  • Client
    LLC «Pervostroitel»
  • Official website
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva — Chief Architect of the Project
  • S. Kassirova — Сhief Engineer of the Project
  • A. Khramova, E.Kretova, R.Yumagulova, D. Uraksin, S. Alexandrov, A.Shchetinin — Architects
  • Construction progress

  • Plan