Moscow, Russia — 2018

Residential Complex on Nagatinskaya Embankment

The composition of the complex is a closed perimeter building with a height of 10 floors with a local increase to 13 floors and towers of 18, 23 and 26 floors. This principle of building organization allows you to divide public and private space, forming a closed courtyard with a size of 33x67m. The total building height of 10 floors makes the courtyard space comfortable for perception. High accent towers are located at the Northern (26 floors) and Eastern (23 floors) borders of the site what allows you to open and illuminate the courtyard from the South. The entire complex is located on a single-story stylobate.

The facade solution of the complex is a graphic lattice composition formed by inter-window piers of 2 modules. Thus, in the room there are two windows. All windows on the floors are combined in a vertical line, what creates an image of extended edges on the facade. An additional figure is achieved with the ridges of the ribs relative to the plane of the facade. Strict hatched volume is dissected by vertical and horizontal «cuts» of solid glazing. In contrast to the austere facades of the residential group, the pedestrian gallery of the commercial part is framed by a deconstructivist composition of supports.

The planning solution of the complex is designed to ensure the maximum possible number of apartments with good view characteristics. Smaller apartments are located on the South and South-West sides (with negative view characteristics). Due to the difference in terrain, apartments with the Southern part of the facade are equipped with front gardens (fenced terraces) with the ability to exit directly from the apartment.

The kindergarten room is located on the first residential floor, the entrance is from the courtyard. Commercial premises are oriented to the Nagatinskaya embankment and are united by a walking gallery. The parking lot is located on the 1st and -1st floors, separated from the residential floors by a technical underground. Garbage collection areas are located on the 1st floor of the building near each stairwell and elevator hall leading from the parking lot. Directly at the entrance to the underground parking lot is a garbage collection chamber with places for presses, as well as a garbage collection area.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • Stage
    Draft project
  • S. Oreshkin - honored architect of the Russian Federation, project manager
  • R. Andreeva - chief architect of the projec
  • R. Yumagulova, S. Alexandrov, E. Belyat - architects
  • Drawings