A.Len Architectural Bureau

years of architecture and design expertise
full-time architects, designers and engineers
completed projects
1 000 000 m2
of housing were built under A.Len projects
Сергей Орешкин

«Architecture is a science, and its laws of development are similar to mathematics. Moreover, a basic school level of knowledge is available to the majority, but the peak stage of maturity, or the highest level, is available to the few. This is the most valuable period when technical knowledge does not control an architect, but becomes an indispensable assistant».

A.Len Architectural Bureau design level is guaranteed by its professionalism and experience

A.Len’s portfolio includes hundreds of architectural projects for residential, public and industrial purposes. A large percentage of developments have been brought to life.

Our geography: St Petersburg (including the historic city center) and Leningrad region, Anapa, Vologda, Voronezh, Vyborg, Gelendzhik, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Moscow, Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Republic of Sakha, Samara, Saransk, Sochi, Surgut, Tula, Tyumen, Ufa, Yaroslavl and other cities of Russia.

A.Len has a design process which is creative and at the same time clearly regulated, using the company management efficiency programme.

The A.Len team is competitive and dynamic and quickly responds to any challenges of the construction market.

The team includes a creative department of architects assembled from the best graduates of the leading architectural universities of St Petersburg and Russia, as well as highly professional engineers and designers who use innovative approaches in their activities.