A.Len Colour Laboratory

Colour is an integral part of any architectural project.

The scientific study of color is an indispensable element of the architect's work that allows them to freely use the patterns of perception of a building and achieve the necessary visual perception of the overall architectural design.

The A.Len Architectural Laboratory offers well-thought out coloristic solutions for projects at the stages of development of Architectural and Urban Planning Appearance/Decision of projects (AGO or AGR), as well as for interior and landscape design projects.

How does it work?
We determine the volumetric and planning parameters of the facility. We also develop the branding of the project from potential marketing designs to approval of the project’s name or brand.
We carry out an analysis of the color palette for the facilities to match with their surroundings.
We approve the design code of the facades.
We bring together the design code of the facades, the project branding and the approved color scheme using scientifically-proven color palette options.
We fine-tune the color solution of the facades with consideration for the design code and the branding of the complex.
We hand the project over to the client.

The programme is applied in projects

«Russia. Five Capitals» Residential Complex