Supervision of Completed Projects

In addition to the general author’s supervision of the project during construction, A.Len Architectural Bureau carries out author’s supervision after the commissioning of the building as well:
- oversees implementation of a set of measures for maintenance and technical operation of the facility, participates in inspections and surveys of the buildings;
- prepares and issues expert surveys with the analysis and assessment of the technical condition of the facility, which includes a list of methods and procedures for eliminating the identified defects and measures that must be taken to prevent the appearance of new defects in the structure of buildings and constructions.
- prepares recommendations, issues instructions and clarifications for the Customer regarding the operation of the facility in terms of building structures, finishing materials, engineering equipment, redevelopment, landscaping changes, etc.

«Marine Facade» Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg is one of the customers of this service ordered from A.Len Architectural Bureau. After the completion of construction and commissioning of the facility it was found that the facility required constant supervision, consultations of specialists who could provide quick answers to various questions regarding the behavior of building structures, and the territory itself. The customer also felt the need to provide additional equipment for the buildings and change the functions of a number of rooms, etc. In response A.Len Architectural Bureau designed a document entitled "Regulations for Technical Operation of Buildings of the Sea Passenger Port of St. Petersburg". This document lists the main characteristics of buildings that are important for their operation, as well as provides detailed and accurate recommendations and instructions in the form of tables with explanations for maintenance service: what to monitor and how to assess changes in the technical condition of all structures of the buildings, including the finishing decor and improvement of territories adjacent to the building.

Each period in the lifecycle of the building (the first post-construction period (from 1 to 3 years); the second post-construction period (from 3 to 5 years); the main operational period, divided into 5–10 year cycles (often 10–20 year cycles for Russia) between major repairs of the whole building or its individual elements requires professional supervision of its condition as a whole and of all its elements, in particular. It is the lack of supervision or bad quality thereof that results in minor and major construction accidents.

Selected Projects

«Marine Facade» Passenger Port of Saint Petersburg

«Hockey City» SKA Ice Hockey Club Sports Complex