A.Len Perfect Apartments and A.Len Perfect Suites

Set the standard for apartments from the very beginning of the project!

What is it:

A knowledge base of apartment layouts accumulated by the A.Len Architectural Laboratory since 1991.

For whom and why:

A.Len Perfect Apartments provide developers and builders with an effective visual tool for selling apartments and suites.The buyer gets a visual aid on the choice of layouts for their apartment.

How is this achieved:

  • By selecting a range of apartment layouts based on the required parameters from a database of more than 10,000 options in four classes, with four construction steps;
  • Using our experience of researching large-scale construction during the Soviet period, and by studying Russian and international practices;
  • By using the best proportions of the premises;
  • By selecting apartments at sites with the best panoramic views;
  • By using experimental custom-made layouts which our competitors do not have;
  • By focusing on designs by the best interior designers;
  • By studying the ergonomics of the apartments based on the parameters of mass furniture production;
  • By taking into account the specifications of engineering elements from specific manufacturers (ventilation units, metering devices, utilities);
  • With a clear approach for sales departments;
  • Through visibility for buyers.

The results:

  • Superfast formation and agreement of floor plans with the developer;
  • A bare minimum of “unsellable” apartments in the building (we aim for zero);
  • No need to adjust apartment layouts, which saves time for the developer, and leaves fewer inconsistencies between sections;
  • Ready-to-use detailed graphics for “architectural marketing”;
  • Additional competitive advantages for the residential complex: transformers, ease to use, cost-effective building solutions;
  • Maintaining the same idea for the residential complex from conception to construction;
  • This means considerable financial savings for the developer;
  • “Perfect Apartments” is a registered development of A.Len. 

“Ideal apartments” is a registered development of A. Len.

How does it work?
We receive the general outline of the construction class from the developer in the form of an “Apartment Layout” brochure. We provide an expert analysis of this document and make recommendations based on our marketing study of competitors’ offers at the project’s location.
We carry out a primary broad selection from the patented database “A.Len Perfect Apartments.” We add types of apartments that our competitors do not have. We offer an exclusive lineup of apartments for a particular apartment complex.
Once the primary selection, structural steps of the building depth (which includes floor units of 6.05, 6.65, 7.05, and 7.85 m) and a 3D model of the building have been approved, we start to develop the primary planning solutions.
We confirm the layout plan by setting up the engineering equipment (ventilation shafts, metering equipment), and add the “A.Len Architectural Toolkit” program. We select a set of elements for the facade from the Architectural Toolkit. We approve the main requirements and design code for the facades, and solutions for the entrances and landscaping.
We fine-tune the layout with consideration for the facility’s design code.
We hand the project over to the client. Everyone is happy! This level of speed and quality of design are unachievable for most other architects.