A.Len Architectural Toolkit

The program changes the procedure for interaction between the architect and the client, leaving a wide scope for creativity.

The Architectural Toolkit is a set of tools to serve clients and architects in the form of a table of architectural and landscape elements at the stages of Draft Design and Scheme Design / Full Conceptual Design (PD). This is a union of all the architectural and technical elements to be approved for the project at the initial stage of work.

The program is the basis for calculating the construction cost in the early stages of design. It also serves as the basis for the integration of architectural elements in the Building Information Modelling.

The basis of the program is A.Len Architectural Bureau’s archive in terms of technical and economic parameters and the solutions of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

How does it work?
We determine the volumetric and planning parameters of the facility.
We carry out an economic analysis of all the elements of the facade, the decor and the landscaping based on offers by manufacturers and suppliers.
We approve the set of elements and present it as a table with pricing parameters.
We carry out preliminary calculations of all architectural elements. One advantage of this approach is that we do not have to “optimize” the facade later on, as is often the case due to budget overruns.
After the preliminary cost of the architectural elements is approved, we will start working on several facade design options. Then we make the necessary adjustments and choose the final option.
Then, we submit the project to the customer with a detailed description of the budget of all the architectural elements.