Saint Petersburg, Russia

AURUS Car Dealership

AURUS is a new brand of Russian-made premium cars. The plant, where luxury cars are assembled, was launched in May 2021 in Tatarstan, 2 showrooms were opened in Moscow, and the A.Len Architectural Bureau is developing a car center project in St. Petersburg.

The salon is located at the intersection of Pulkovskoye Highway and Dunaisky Prospekt. The territory is already established: buildings of the apart-hotel Salut and car dealerships Mercedes-Benz Pulkovo, Porsche Center Pulkovo and Lamborghini St. Petersburg are built nearby.

The AURUS car center is neatly inscribed in the existing appearance of the building, while it is highlighted both in color and in an unusual material for a car dealership — bricks of several shades. The use of elements of classical architecture — a pilaster and a frieze — emphasizes the St. Petersburg character of the car center.

The salon consists of 2 floors with a clear functional division into zones:

On the 1st floor there are: a client area, a room for issuing cars.

On the 2nd floor there are: a VIP room, a meeting room, a configurator area, a lounge area with a bar counter and a fireplace for visitors.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Design Phase / Services
    Design Concept, AGO/AGR Documents
  • Plot Area
    6 709 sq. m
  • Global Building Area (GBA)
    777 sq. m
  • Number of Storeys
    2 Floors
  • Client
    JSC Avtodom
  • Official Website
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva, V. Ivanov — Chief Project Architects
  • V. Korshunov K. Avdeichikov — Architects
  • A. Akulenko — Chief Project Engineer
  • Drawings