Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lakhta Plaza Hotel and Office Building

The hotel and business center building project is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, in a modern promising area with a developed transportation and service infrastructure. The Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg lies to the south of the design site.

The Lahta Plaza project consists of four 8-story buildings for the hotel and the business center; they are interconnected by an underground level with a parking lot. The hotel buildings face the water area of Neva Bay, allowing the maximum number of rooms with picturesque views.

On the underground floor of the hotel, there is a gym and a SPA complex. On the first and second floors there are terraces with individual access from the rooms.
The business center building consists of eight floors. Inside there are two inner closed courtyards elevated to the height of the first and second floors. Staircase and elevator halls are located in the inner passage.

Decorative glass with reverse painted elements and façade facing panels of light gray color are used as façade facing. Some of the elements are decorative panels made by printing on glass. Glass panels and decorative panels form a complete composition on the hotel and the business center buildings.

Section 1, Primorsky prospect, Saint Petersburg
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Stage
    Draft Project
  • Land Area
    14 379 sq.m
  • Total Area of ​​Apartments
    22 040 sq.m
  • Total Area of ​​Office
    33 237 sq.m
  • Client
    LLC «Redut-Project»
  • Official website
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • A. Akulenko — Chief Engineer
  • R. Andreeva, V. Ivanov — Chief Architects of the Project
  • E. Kuznetsova, A. Poskonkin, N.Timonin, K.Tyazhkova, K. Avdeichikov, R. Yumagulova, D. Uraksin — Architects