Arkhyz, Russia

«Novotel Arkhyz» Hotel for Accor

A.Len Architectural Bureau designed this 290-room Novotel Accor Arkhyz hotel for construction in the mountains of Arkhyz, Russia.
A complex terrain with substantial height difference, forest springs, unfinished object on the site turned into a SPA complex with an outdoor swimming pool, strict Accor Brandbook requirements, a spacious underground parking for large cars - everything is taken into account, solved and integrated into the new project.
Development of master plan, layouts and facades was carried out in 3 stages and took 5 months, including coordination with the Client and Accor.
The design site is located in a seismic area – 8-9 points. Based on this, the hotel complex is structurally made of three 6-storey dynamic blocks (new construction), the addition of two 2-storey blocks to the existing construction volume of an unfinished building (new construction) and the completion of the construction of an unfinished building according to a new project, with a 2-storey aboveground part.
Lenin Street, Arkhyz, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Russia
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • Stage
    Master plan, Architectural concept
  • Total area
    27 262 кв.м
  • Number of rooms
  • S. Oreshkin, S. Zhilcov - project manager
  • A. Weiner - chief engineer
  • R. Andreeva, T. Kovalenko - chief architect of the project
  • A. Weiner, E. Belyat, M. Horov, A. Voytishina, E. Chernova - architects