Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2017

Museum and Exhibition Center of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad

The Museum and Exhibition Center of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad is dedicated to the personal heroism and tragedy of the people of the besieged Leningrad, one of the most dramatic pages in the history of World War II, the longest city siege in the history of world wars; it is also dedicated to the courage of the city defenders, an outstanding page in the history of our Motherland.

The new Museum and Exhibition Center will be located in the historical center of St. Petersburg where the Neva takes a turn on Smolny Embankment near the Smolny Convent and the Tauride Palace ensembles.
The land plot of 1.73 hectares, which the city administration has chosen for the Museum and Exhibition Center, is located inside the loop of the left-bank junction of the future Orlovsky Tunnel, which will link the left and right banks of the Neva.

The urban planning task of the participants was to incorporate the Center building naturally in the panorama of the Neva turn and to create a link between the museum and the open air exhibition in the park.
Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Project year
  • Total area
    28647 sq.m
  • Land area for the museum and exhibition complex
    1.73 Ha
  • Land area for the museum building
    1,26 Hа
  • Exposition area on the exploited roof and staircase of the museum
    6 916 sq.m
  • The exposition area on the ground (including the memorial, without the alley of the museum city)
    39 180 sq.m
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • E.S. Oreshkina, E.A. Belyat, P.N. Kochnev, R.R. Yumagulova, E.S. Kretova, D.Yu. Uraksin, A.V. Svetozarov, S.R. Alexandrov, A.V. Khramova , A.S. Shchetinin, N.V. Timonin - architects