Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2016

«Melnik» Business Centre

The building is formed by four blocks, two of which are rotated to the axis of the building by 25 degrees and are united by glass inserts. The office blocks are individually designed using stained glass structures and «blind» planes of stoneware and ceramic panels. The combination of different materials gives the building contrast and the vertical division of stained glass structures emphasizes its harmony.

The name of each block and the materials of the facades are connected with the history of the place which is crossed by streets with symbolic names that speak of factories that were previously located here: Glinyanaya street, Zerkalny lane, Glazurnaya street, Khrustalnaya street, Fayansovaya street and Steklyannaya street.

This is an example of designing modern public buildings that can fit harmoniously into the urban landscape.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • T. Kovalenko - chief architect of the project
  • P. Kochnev,D. Zhegulina, Ben Amar Ilies Lotfivich - architects
  • S. Kuzmin - chief project engineer
  • A. Gushchin - photographer