Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2006

«Waterville» Aqua Park of the «Pribaltiyskaya» Hotel

Waterville is one of the largest indoor water parks in Russia, which can serve more than 1000 visitors a day. The total area of the water park is 15 thousand square meters, the area of the entertainment zone is about 4 thousand square meters, and the area of the water surface is about 1300 square meters.

This is the first large water park project in St. Petersburg with water rides, a fitness area and a sauna complex. The building with complex engineering and construction solutions was designed and built in two years.

Unique features of the waterpark design include the bearing beams of the roof made to look like glued wooden trusses. The choice of materials is due to the requirement that the roof survive in chlorine-containing atmosphere for 50 years or more, all the while dealing with considerable thermal and physical loads from the inside and the outside.

The glazed main façade of the water park opens wide toward the coastline of the Gulf of Finland. The height of the building has been harmonized with visibility conditions from the rooms of the hotel.

14 B Korablestroiteley street, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • Year of construction
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • A. Nikandrova - chief architect of the project
  • A. Sidorkov - the chief engineer of the project
  • V. Rovinsky - chief designer
  • I. Pataneiko - architect
  • Drawings