Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2006

«Egoist» Residential Building

Architects have combined modern concise forms with the traditional St. Petersburg architectural elements, balconies and bay windows, including corner balconies. Composite material and decorative plaster are used on the building facades; basement storey is faced with granite slabs. Residential building completed the line of the buildings along Vosstaniya and Ryleeva streets. The building centerpiece is the dimensional angular construction, towering above the main seven-storey building. The apartments layout of the building considered the possibility of replanning.
Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Project year
  • Year of construction
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • А.А. Nikandrov - chief project architect
  • T.B. Kovalenko, А.Е. Yablokov - architects
  • V.A. Rovinsky - chief constructor