Ufa, Russia — 2014

Elite Residential District in Ufa

The residential block with a public and business zone is planned to be located on the site, which is located mainly along the perimeter of the site on the first floors, and multi-storey office buildings are designed on the side of Salavata Yulaeva prospekt, which form a buffer zone, blocking residential buildings from the traffic-saturated thoroughfare of continuous traffic.

Part of the projected disrict is occupied by the territory of the «Former ancient Ufa fortress»; the design of the development sketch takes into account the location of the lines of the former fortress walls, and these areas are not built up. Existing historical buildings within the boundaries of the development area are being reconstructed with a change in function.

A pre-school facility for 150 children has been designed on the territory; its location in the center of the planned area is due to the maximum protection from the streets and optimal accessibility from any point of the block. Due to the pronounced relief of the projected site and the limited area, the school site is planned to be taken out of the territory of the developed site and placed on the South-Eastern border of the territory of the Cathedral Mosque.

On the territory of the distict, buildings of different storeys are designed for 2-24 floors. The number of storeys of buildings increases to Pervomayskaya square. Buildings with a maximum height of 23-24 floors are located near the monument of Friendship, forming a visual accent from the entrance to the city, and increase the significance of the monument in the urban perspective.

In the composition of the disrict, an important element is the visual and pedestrian axis linking the Great Cathedral Mosque and Pervomayskaya square. Along Kommunisticheskaya street, the main pedestrian street running along the bottom of a well-maintained ravine is organized inside the district. In the central part of the pedestrian street, there is a public area with a landscaped garden and an artificial pond.

Modern design of residential buildings includes such an important point as infrastructure planning. Therefore, to provide the district with the required parking spaces, it is assumed that underground and semi-underground parking lots will be installed.

In addition to the planned outdoor sports grounds, the project will include a sports and leisure center with a swimming pool with a total area of 5,000 square meters.

Salavata Yulaeva pr., Oktyabrskoy Revolyutsii st., Kommunisticheskaya st., Posadskaya st., Ufa, Russia
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Team of authors
  • Year of design
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • R. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • A. Weiner, S.Kuzmin - chief engineers of the project
  • P. Kochnev, E. Belyat, E.Karetina, D. Uraksin - architects
  • Drawings