Saint Petersburg, Russia

Moskovskaya Slavyanka Residential quarter

The design area is located in the Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg, on Moskovsky shosse. The residential complex will meet those who travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg by car.

The proximity of the highway is a definite plus for future residents of the complex - it will be possible to quickly get to other districts of St. Petersburg. When planning the territory, the specialists of the A. Len bureau took care of a comfortable transport connection: a separate exit to the Moscow Highway will be organized. At the same time, residential buildings will be protected from traffic noise with the help of public buildings, multi-level parking and alternating areas with landscaping.

The site is not built up, however, the territory is rather difficult, since overhead power lines pass over the center of the site, which means that it is impossible to build any buildings under them. A.Len engineers solved the issue of locating 10 residential buildings and social facilities on the territory so that most of the apartments had views from the windows of landscaped courtyards.

The residential quarter will consist not only of 10 residential buildings of 6-10 floors, but of objects of social and public importance: a school for 550 children will be built, a kindergarten for 280 kids, multi-level parking of 6 floors, several medical rooms for adults will be opened and children. Supermarkets, office space, beauty salons will be located on the first floors of residential buildings. There are also plans to build a sports and recreation complex.

There are three green squares inside the quarter, the largest of them has a hockey rink and various sports grounds.

Facade solutions of residential buildings form an integral composition of the quarter with a pronounced rhythmic step. On the buildings, two basic facade structures are applied in a checkerboard pattern, they make the building front diverse and rich. At the same time, the integrity of the quarter is preserved through the use of common decorative elements on different facades, uniform dimensional modules and complementary architectural techniques.

The most noticeable facade structure of houses is manifested in the placement of loggias: in some buildings they are more protruding on the lower floors, but gradually “sunk” into the house on the upper floors, on neighboring buildings the “game with loggias” is reversed - their protruding parts appear only at the upper floors, and the higher - the larger the ledge. In the third version of the design of the facade, the loggias are placed in 1 step.

The same alternation can be observed in the color scheme of the houses: facades made of terracotta porcelain stoneware, white, dark gray and light gray alternate in a certain rhythm.

Non-residential buildings are also decorated in a common color scheme with the entire building.

Moskovskaya Slavyanka, Pushkinsky district of St. Petersburg
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  • Year of Design
  • Design Phase / Services
    Design Concept, AGO/AGR Documents
  • Plot Area
    247 323 sq. m
  • Residential Area
    124 574 sq. m
  • School Area
    30 250 sq. m
  • Kindergarten Area
    10 640 sq. m
  • FOK Area
    4 671 sq. m
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva, V. Ivanov — Chief Project Architects
  • R. Yumagulova, A. Svetozarov, N. Barakova, D. Uraksin, A. Khramova, E. Sharygina, A. Didenko — Architects
  • D. Yankov — Chief Project Engineer
  • Drawings