Saint Petersburg, Russia

Residential Building in Moskovsky District

The residential building designed by «A. Len» is located at the intersection of two major highways of the Moscow region - Kosmonavtov and Dunaisky avenues, within walking distance there is the «Kupchino» metro station.

A school and a kindergarten are planned on the adjacent site, the paths to them are organized safely, there is no need to cross the carriageway. The area has already been formed and developed, has all the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable life.

In the plan, the building has an L-shape with the opening of the inner courtyard area to the north, where parking spaces are provided in the open parking lot. This shape of the house allows the maximum number of apartments to be illuminated by the sun and does not block the light of the existing residential area. Recreation areas, sports and playgrounds are located on the east and south sides, which provides them with illumination for most of the day. The house has 13 floors, residential - 10, parking is located in the underground floor.

The residential building organically fits into the style of the surrounding buildings, while being favorably distinguished by architectural elements and accents. Used as decorative elements: pilasters from the 3rd to 7th floors, decorative window-sill inserts made of black metal, textured masonry made of light bricks under windows and balconies.

The upper 3 floors are decorated in dark brick colors, the rhythm and size of the windows is different from the lower part of the house, which is made in light colors and with a more classic arrangement of windows and balconies. This dynamic of form and color makes the façade lively and modern, but at the same time the house remains in the context of the surrounding space.

Saint Petersburg, municipal district Gagarinskoe, pr. Kosmonavtov
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Stage
    Draft design, materials of AGO, project documentation
  • Land Area
    4982 sq.m
  • Total Area of ​​the Building
    17 500 sq.m
  • Apartments Area
    9662 sq.m
  • Client
    Construction company «L1»
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva, T. Kovalenko — Chief Architects of the Project
  • K.Yuldasheva, K. Avdeichenkov — Architects