Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2018

«The Lvovskaya Street House» Residential Сomplex

The project concept of this residential facility combines elements of constructivism, eco-design, and minimalism. According to the idea of the architects, the Dom na Lvovskoy project must fit harmoniously with the surrounding area and create a visual code for development of the entire district. Close proximity of Polyustrovsky Park was reflected in the colors and shapes of residential building facades. The halls and the entrance groups have been designed in accordance with a custom-made design project that continues the theme of connection with the park. Architects paid maximum attention to ergonomics and functionality of the spaces. The buildings have been positioned so that in different seasons and different times of day sun would shine in all windows. This will allow apartments to remain well-lit even in winter.

The project is based on the New Level of Comfort principle. The detailed architectural concept, zoning and setup of all public spaces of the complex allow to meet the needs of future residents of the building as fully as possible. A comfortable and cozy inner courtyard is focused on the idea of turning the territory into "own garden under our windows". This space will attract residents to spend time in fresh air in any season. Maximum comfort and safety will be guaranteed by the availability of underground parking with the elevator from every entrance. The yards will be absolutely free of cars. The project will incorporate various active sport and recreation spots, from bicycle paths and parkings to children’s game zones. The new residential facility will include four 16-storied houses with a large range of convenient layouts – comfort-class studios, suites and ergonomic apartments with 1 to 5 rooms of different area, including apartments with European style layout. Buildings will incorporate separate rooms for storage of baby carriages, bicycles, skis, and other seasonal things. There will be own kindergarten and a number of commercial facilities located on the first floors of the buildings.

21 lit. A, Lvovskaya st., Saint Petersburg, Russia
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  • Year of design
  • Stage
  • Site area
    17,822 sq m
  • Total area of buildings
    87 431 sq m
  • Client
    ЗАО «Мегалит»
  • Official Site
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • T. Kovalenko - chief architect of the project
  • E. Belyat, E. Kretova, R. Yumagulova, M. Shalina, A. Khramova, M. Borodina, O. Stepanova, E. Oreshkina - architects
  • Drawings