Voronezh, Russia

«Russian Avant-Garde» Residential Complex

As part of the project, the Residential Complex Russian Avant-garde also includes:

«Russian Аvangard» Residential Complex. Improvement of the Territory

«Russian Avangard» Residential Complex Entrances and Common Areas Design

The project customer, the VDK company, wanted to create a residential complex where the features of the Russian avant-garde would be used. The architects of A.Len found a way to reflect the avant-garde in the project so that the composition, the proportions of the buildings, the façade components, and the concept of beautification turned out to be rugged and charismatic, but at the same time modern and comfortable for a living.

There are many components in the façade that reflect the avant garde theme to some extent. The rooflines are supplemented with vertical glass-enclosed, white rectangular verandas. The overhanging balconies are scattered erratically across the façade in a complex pattern reminiscent of Mayakovskiy’s verse. A curving, descending line is placed like a stage curtain on one of the outer walls between the windows. The whole façade seems to consist of contrast and balance between multi-colored quadrangles and lines.

The architects approached the use of color in the façade with the care of painters. Instead of using silica bricks of the standard shade, they mixed seven to eight colors, from lilac to orange, creating a distinctively rich range of colors. Considerable attention has been paid to the brick manufacturing process: the architects went to the plant and explained to the local producers exactly what kind of effect they were looking for.

In addition to the two-dimensional color scheme, the brick is also involved in the three-dimensional design of the façade: in some places, it is irregular, somewhere it has a geometric pattern, while in the entrance groups it turns entirely into an ajouré fabric. In some places, the brick piers have protruding ridges – a lattice of zigzag “counterforces”; in some places, the facing brick becomes deeper and forms a shadow-and-light mesh. The building itself consists of 12 residential sections (17–26 floors), underground 3-level parking, and the necessary infrastructure.

Background Information

The residential complex «Russian Avant-garde» was recognized by the Government of the Russian Federation as an exemplary residential complex. According to the study results, it was included in the «10 best practices of housing construction in the regions of the Russian Federation». To make an objective independent assessment, the monitoring was conducted for a month by three groups of experts from the Moscow Agency for Strategic Development Center among the complexes throughout the country. According to the experts, initially, 4,000 residential complexes were considered in different parts of our country (400 projects claimed one place in the top ten!).
17 Olympic array, «Troitsky» Residential Distict, Voronezh
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Team of authors
  • S. Oreshkin - Honored architect of the Russian Federation, project manager
  • О. Oparin, R. Andreeva - chief architects of the project
  • P. Kochnev, M. Gymnazdinov, D. Uraksin, V. Shlyaga, E. Kretova, N. Timonin, A.,Khramova - architects
  • Drawings