Saint Petersburg, Russia

«Principle» Residential Building on Dvinskaya Street

An apartment building on Dvinskaya street is being designed on the territory of Gutuevsky island in Saint Petersburg.

The structure of the house is three-part. The base is a darker ground floor with a gallery of built-in rooms. The next six residential floors in a light gray color scheme, which should soften the deep shadows of the counterlight, are perceived from Dvinskaya street as a simple rectangular volume. The eighth floor with view apartments and terraces is shifted to the edges of the "flanks" far from the street, leaving space for the perception of the Church. The terraces are designed both from the South and from the North: there is more light on the South side, and a more picturesque panorama unfolds from the North.

Plastic due to small protrusions and recesses of the facade grid is complicated by a slight displacement of some windows, which divides the main volume of the building into two three-story parts, as well as color inserts and a combination of different textures. The house belongs to the "comfort" category, which once again confirms the customer's faith in the potential of the place. Materials plan to use expensive: for the ground floor, the project involves rusticated ceramic panels with inserts with a wood texture, for the upper floors, they will take a beige-gray tile, and the windows and stained glass will be painted in graphite color. Balcony railings – strict metal grating.

The facade reflects the logic of the internal structure: almost all the plans for this house were developed according to the program "A.Len Perfect Apartments", so the nomenclature turned out to be diverse. Wide openings appear exactly where it is necessary – that is, in common rooms or dining rooms. Corner windows, a rare technique for modern homes, seriously affect the zoning of the room and at the same time give a good light and panoramic view.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Client
    GK «Strana Development»
  • The Area of ​​the Land
    6 385 sq. m.
  • Built-up Area
    2 552 sq. m.
  • Total Area
    21 371 sq. m.
  • Number of Apartments
  • Official site
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • A. Weiner, V. Moskalik — Chief Engineers of the Project
  • R. Andreeva,T. Kovalenko — Chief Architects of the Project
  • O. Stepanova — Leading architect