Leningradskaya region, Russia — 2008

The Training Base of the FC «Zenit»

The complex of the training base has the following composition of the main buildings and structures:

  • the main building with an administrative and hotel complex with rooms for the players of the main and backup team, a farm club (youth team), coaching staff, accompanying doctors, with a guest room stock and a diagnostic and rehabilitation center with fitness and health facilities interconnected with this building;

  • training arena building;

  • outdoor football fields: 4 - with natural turf, 2 - with artificial turf;

  • utility block with a garage for equipment serving fields, with a utility block;

  • cottage for VIP guests;

  • 3 built-in and attached gas boiler rooms: one attached to the arena; the second is built into the main building; one - free-standing, to provide heating of football fields and utility block;

  • Helipad;

  • transformer substation - 2 units;

  • engineering structures for water supply and sewerage.

The layout of the main functional blocks of the main building corresponds to the logic of the technology of staying and rehabilitation of football players in the building and connections with the arena and football fields, corresponds to the topology of functional groups of premises, which sets the connections between them in terms of movement of human flows inside the building. The movement of athletes, base workers and temporary visitors inside the building is determined by planning decisions, regulated by the regime and regulations of their activities, the level of permitted access to various parts of the building.

The facing of the above-ground outer part of the wall of the basement of the 1st floor of buildings is varied - natural stone according to the ventilation facade system, stained glass glazing. Exterior wall cladding - porcelain stoneware, inserts of Luxalon wood-like aluminum laths according to the Ventfasad system with invisible fastening. The lining of the basement is made of natural granite-type stone. Glass canopies are designed above the entrances.

Mistolovo, Vsevolozhsk district, Leningradskaya region, Russia
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Team of authors
  • Project year
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • A.G. Weiner - chief project engineer
  • R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • A.E. Yablokov, A.A. Nikandrov, E.S. Oreshkina - architects
  • Drawing