Saint Peterburg, Russia — 2011

«Marine Facade» Terminal №2

This is the largest specialized Passangers Port, first and the only one in the North-Western region of Russia.

The Passangers Port complex includes 7 berths for passengers cruise and ferry ships with length of about 340 m, 4 marine passenger terminals, including three cruise and 1 specialized cruise-ferry terminal.

S.Oreshkin: “Within the design process of one of the biggest marine ports in Europe we suggested the building form as a twisted roll. However, due to some amendments the terminal turned into the module object with brightly expressed tech-design.

The Marine passengers terminal includes the following buildings: ferry and cruise terminals; overground galleries that connect cruise ships exits with the second floor of the ferry terminal; Port Control Center; entry points service buildings.

The passengers’ terminals (ship terminals) are the buildings of a pavilion type: metal frame and large surfaces of stained glass on the facades. The buildings’ specific feature is that the Russian Federation state border goes through them along with customs and border control points.

The ship terminal buildings are created in simple geometrical shape: tetrahedral prism with sheds that oversail for 10 m from the city side and pier side. These sheds are hold by inclined columns.

The main compositional accents of the marine ship terminals are inclined canopies with inclined columns below them. Supportive buildings of the passengers’ terminal are also created in laconic style – the architects used alternate of blind and glazed facade surfaces as well as small shift of the building blocks volumes.
Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • A.G. Weiner - chief project engineer
  • R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • E. S. Oreshkina, T. B. Kovalenko, D. O. Mazharov-architects
  • A.V. Gushchin-photographer