Anapa, Russia — 2007

«Golden Mile» Development Masterplan

The project involves artificial alluvial soil in the coastal zone and complex low-rise development of territories. The complex is divided into three zones: public and business center, shopping and entertainment and resort and wellness areas. In the center of the radial composition is an entertainment area with an aquarium and aquapark.

The business center is located in the Western part of the alluvial area, and the resort area with hotels, a yacht club and a surf center is located in the Eastern part. Football and golf fields and a solar power plant are also planned on the territory of the complex.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Project year
  • Total area
    1350 Ha
  • Projected Area
    405 Ha
  • The area of ​​projected landscaping
    877,5 Ha
  • The area of ​​projected pavings
    67,5 Ha
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • A.G. Weiner - chief project engineer
  • R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • A.E. Yablokov, E.S. Oreshkina - architects