Novosibirsk, Russia

«Taiginsky Park» Residential Complex

The work on the project of the Tayginskiy Park residential complex includes:

Park for the «Taiginsky» Residential Complex

The Architectural Bureau A.Len has developed an architectural and planning concept for the development of the territory at the address: Tayginskaya Street, Novosibirsk, as well as the territory adjacent to the lake. In addition to the architectural concept, the Bureau maintains the design and working documentation.

The concept of space in the residential complex is a combination of block «urban» and open linear «natural» planning. It follows trends in the classic urban style: a closed inner territory with its own courtyard, where it is comfortable to walk with children, and many internal infrastructure facilities. The scope of work also includes beautification of the adjacent territory – the key is the breakdown of the park with a descent towards the water at the site where the waste dump of the reinforced concrete products plant is currently located. To live near the green park and the embankment, in an environmentally friendly situation, to jog near the house in the morning or evening, to take daily walks with children in fresh air is the dream of every city resident.

Residential buildings form the living space of the complex with a predominance of perimeter buildings and the formation along the core of the composition – a pedestrian boulevard. The residential complex is designed with a different number of stories with a background building of 8 floors and towers – dominants with a maximum number of floors up to 16. This makes the external appearance of the block diverse, while the courtyards are bright.

On the territory of the complex, there are residential buildings of both economy class and comfort class. Comfort class residential buildings are located along the boulevard. On the territory adjacent to the plant Promstalkonstruktsiya, there are gallery-type houses.

The compact design of the façades is based on a combination of natural shades and textures: light and dark plaster with clinker brick tiles of natural colors.

The main core of the project is the central boulevard-promenade, along which there are summer café verandas, playgrounds for different ages, sports grounds with a large selection of up-to-date facilities and equipment, a workout area, and an area for group training, bicycle paths connecting the courtyards with the park.

The complex’s own infrastructure is able to meet all the basic needs of the residents on the block. On the first levels, there is street retail: cafés and bakeries, stores, bank branches, and pharmacies, a kindergarten for 100 and 65 pupils, appliance service stores, co-workings, and other useful services.

In the courtyards, a private space has been created for the residents, where there is no noise, cars, or outsiders. Only specialized vehicles can access the territory of the yards. Thanks to the original use of materials such as wooden deck board, granite paving stones and gravel, as well as concrete and granite paving and large-scale landscaping, a naturalistic and at the same time very special style is created.

Facts and Figures
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  • Year of Design
  • Design Phase / Services
    Design Concept, AGO/AGR Documents, Scheme Design / PD, RD
  • Plot Area
    111 387 sq. m
  • Client
    LLC «KPD-Gazstroy»
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  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva, E. Oreshkina — Chief Architects Project
  • E. Belyat, S. Vybornov, M. Kozhina, A. Poskonkin, A. Khramova, K. Avdeichikov — Architects
  • L. Shergin — Chief Project Engineer