Voronezh, Russia

«Apple Gardens» Residential District

«Apple Gardens» Residential District is a project for integrated development of the territory lands provided by DOM.RF within Moskovskiy prospekt boundaries, Shishkova and Pestova streets.

The planning solutions of the designed territory are based on a number of up-to-date and basically new architectural, urban planning, and social ideas, including the identification of development and its perception imagery, the multi-scale components of the development and its urban planning accents, the differentiation of public and private spaces.

Not only residential buildings will be built on the territory of apple gardens, but also the necessary social infrastructure: a 1,575-student school, six 1,000-pupil kindergartens (two separate for 300 pupils and four built-in attached for 100 pupils each).

The project includes 15 plots of multistory residential development, 3 plots are reserved for social services, and green common areas. The number of stories in the planned residential development varies and is represented by sections with 12, 14, 15, 18, 20 and 22 floors.

The dominant theme of this project is the allocation of green spaces. They hope to make a large, 1,200 meter-long promenade. It will be a large sports and recreational green area that can be endowed with the history of the apple gardens that were here by planting an alley with apple trees. The promenade will connect the social hub, where there will be a sports complex, a school, and southern districts. And, of course, as in New York’s Central Park and in other famous world parks, these areas will be united by special pedestrian bridges.

The Architectural Bureau A.Len acts as a guest expert and architectural consultant on the project. The concept of the territory development (master plan) was approved by DOM.RF and was at the architectural forum Architecture VRN – 2021.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Stage
    Draft project
  • The Area of ​​the Land
    52 ha
  • Residential Area
    1 094 240 sq. m
  • Area of Apartments
    717 480 sq. m
  • Architectural bureau «A.Len» — Consultant «StroyExpert»