Saint Petersburg, Russia — 2015

«Inside...» Bright World Apartment Complex Masterplan

«Inside...» Light World Apartment Complex with its curvilinear forms and outstanding infrastructure can be considered a health park or a country residence of the new type.

The coastal part of Kurortny District of St. Petersburg is very similar to that of Jurmala (Latvia) with a cold bay, a wide sandy beach 50 km long, numerous dunes, relict pines, dachas, sanatoriums, and small elite settlements of varying levels of luxury. A glacier was replaced here by Litorin Sea, and these geological events left behind a hilly relief with small rivers, lakes, and moraines.

The area is truly magical – some distance away from the city, the former grounds of Dyuny resort has many trees. The building is located right on the coast, within walking distance from Laskovy Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of St. Petersburg. On the other side are the terrain courses of Kurort railway station.

The master plan of the development is based on three factors, three «genii loci»: the dunes, the trees, and vistas of the Gulf. A special microclimate is formed under the dunes, some of which are impressively tall (up to 30 meters). Another added health element is contributed by pines that had been planted specifically for the resort.

The buildings of the resort are located on small islets amidst stocky pines, elms, oaks, and firs, fitting harmoniously with the curves of the dunes. The buildings are turned at an angle so that most windows would face the waterfront. Ellipse-shaped buildings of a higher class have been placed between the dunes: those have only several apartments in each. The wave-shaped buildings of the first line serve as a windscreen for the inside territories.

The entire complex consists of 19 buildings 5 to 6 floors in each, no taller than the surrounding pines. The buildings are not invisible from the beach, but the design of the ceramic tiles of the facade imitates pine boards, so the view from the beach is ever so delicately hidden.

The complex has outstanding infrastructure: in addition to usual cafes and a kindergarten, it also includes (either planned or completed) the following facilities: a health food store, a health and wellness center, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a bathhouse, a school for kite- and windsurfing, tennis courts, and even an institute of spiritual practices. All the roof space is also being used: for instance, residents do their morning exercises on one of the roofs.

The internal space has been turned into a landscape park with well thought-through paths and playgrounds. Children’s cabins, benches, gazebos and other hardscaping elements are of unique design and made in the same style. All cars are left in the parking garage at the entrance to the territory. «Inside...» Light World Apartment Complex has already received several awards for its landscaping design.

The intended purpose of 20 to 80 sq. m apartments is to serve as weekend retreats or modern country homes without the hassle of taking care of the surrounding territory.

The facility comes complete with barbecue zones where a picnic can be arranged in any weather. It is possible that public greenhouses and kitchen gardens will also be arranged here later.

«Inside...» Light World Apartment Complex represents an example of a resort sanatorium with the aesthetics of our gulf neighbors, the Nordic countries. The designers were on a mission to protect the trees and the special aura of the Karelian Isthmus.

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«Dunes» historic district of Beloostrov, Kurortny district, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Team of authors
  • S. Oreshkin - project manager
  • R. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • E. Oreshkina, E. Blanch, A. Nikandrov, V. orexin, M. Nukina, V. Yu Shlyaga - architects