Novosergievka, Russia — 2015

«Carvilla. City on the River» Residential Complex Masterplan

«Karvila. City on the river» Residential complex is a project of the Rocket Group company in Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region within the boundaries of the village Novosergievka. The complex development of the territory on a 157 ha plot includes not only residential development, but also commercial and social real estate, a public and business zone, shopping and entertainment and road infrastructure, as well as extensive green areas. The total number of floors will be 7-12 floors. It is planned to build more than 1 million sq m of comfort-class housing, 5 kindergartens and 3 schools. Commercial and social development is planned for 4 500 jobs. The project implementation period is 15 years. The total investment will amount to 183,2 billion rubles.

Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Project year
  • S.I. Oreshkin - project manager
  • R.V. Andreeva - chief architect of the project
  • E.S. Oreshkina, E.A. Belyat, P.N. Kochnev, R.R. Yumagulova, M.A. Shalina, E.S. Kretova, V.Yu. Shlyaga, N.K. Palnikova, V.V. Ivanov , D.Yu. Uraksin, A.V. Svetozarov, A.V. Khramova , A.S. Shchetinin, M.M. Gimnasdinov, N.V. Timonin - architects
  • Drawing