Saint Petersburg, Russia

«Yugtown» Complex Territory Development

Yugtown is a large-scale project consisting of 9 blocks located in south St. Petersburg, on the border between the business Moskovskiy and green Pushkinskiy districts. This is the perfect combination for those for whom it is important to be in the heart of events, but at the same time, have the opportunity to be outdoors.

The Architectural Bureau A.Len, commissioned by VTB-Development, prepared a visual showcase of the Yugtown integrated development project, and prepared a detailed preliminary design for the 6-block pilot project, including:

– Analysis of the existing and future surrounding development;

– Analysis of the Site Plan Project with recommendations for its improvement;

– Conceptual proposal with solutions for the main urban planning component: a square with a roundabout, layout options for social facilities, dimensions of residential buildings, and concepts of the urban structural components, performance indicators calculations;

– Project branding.

For the entire territory of the Yugtown project, A.Len Bureau has developed three options for designing the building façades. Stylistically, all three architectural choices are inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, but they differ in the choice of finishing materials and colors:

Option 1 – Sweden

It is planned to use plaster in three shades for the finishing materials. Residential buildings are formed from small planes, figuratively repeating the layout of medieval cities. Visual diversity is created in the residential blocks by alternating sections of different shades.

Option 2 – Norway

This façade design is based on the use of contrasting finishing materials: white plaster, decorative facing bricks, and ceramic granite or composite material with a light wood texture. The balconies and window openings are decorated with brightly-colored inserts.

Option 3 – Denmark

The option is characterized by the utmost minimalism of architectural solutions. The color scheme is simple: it’s dark on the outside and light on the inside. The street façades are lined with red brick, while the courtyard façades are made of white plaster.

All residential buildings are designed with a lean-to roof sloping towards the main streets and driveways.

Access to the entrance group of residential buildings is two-way: the entrance from ground level avoids unnecessary obstacles, for example, for parents with strollers. From the street side, the entrance groups are recessed into the façade plane, so pedestrian flow will not be disturbed. From the courtyard, the entrances are distinguished by metal shaped canopies.

Space-planning solutions of residential sections use open balconies with glass enclosures, as well as glass-enclosed verandas. In the first and second versions, at the fifth-floor level, some sections have a small personal terrace for relaxing in the summer.

Territory of the enterprise «Shushary», Saint Petersbur
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Facts and Figures
Team of authors
  • Year of Design
  • Stage
    Preliminary design
  • Land Area
    222 ga
  • Total Area of the Building
    380 653 sq. m
  • Total Area of Apartments
    577 116 sq. m
  • Client
  • S. Oreshkin — Project Manager
  • R. Andreeva — Chief Architect of the Project
  • E. Oreshkina, E. Belyat, N. Timonin, A. Shchetinin — Architects
  • Plan